3 easy ways to help your website perform better

If you’re not doing these basic things for your website, you may not be getting the visitors you should.

1  List with directories and claim your business profiles

Listing your business with appropriate directory websites not only helps customers who may look for you there, it also improves your results with search engines. Particularly important is setting up a Google+ profile. Whether or not you’re active on Google+ as a social media, having your business profile established there improves your results in Google searches, and allows your location to be shown in Google+ Local results.

In addition to listing with all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), make sure you’re listed with directory sites like Manta, Yellowpages.com, Elocal and others. Try doing a search for your product or service in your area, and you’ll likely see several directory or marketplace-type sites in the results. Listing with these industry sites raises your profile with the search engines.

Review your content and update it frequently

Here’s an easy opportunity to make a big impact on your visibility. Adding fresh content as often as possible – monthly, weekly, or daily if possible – will have a huge impact on search engine results. Google likes websites with regularly updated content, and your site will appear higher in search results. Blogs are a good way to add fresh content regularly, as well as news, event and product updates.

Make sure your pages are distinct and informative. Creating a sub-page for every product or service and filling each page with useful information allows for different and more specific descriptions, which helps you better match your customers’ search. While you’re looking at your site, improve your content where possible. Make sure it’s engaging and descriptive. And make sure you have images to engage your visitors.

Build links from your community engagement

Search engine results are not the only way your customers get to your website. People will also come your site from direct links and marketing, so make sure your website address is visible. Check that all your social media pages include a link to your website. Be sure to include a live link to your site in your email marketing. If you participate in organizations, boards or committees, see if the organization has a profile or directory, and be sure your website link is included. And of course, make sure your website is easy to find on all your marketing materials.

A little regular attention to your website will have surprisingly effective results in the traffic to your site.